Helsinki Motorcycle rental membership service contract terms

Helsinki Motorcycle rental membership service contract terms (2018)

Service order

The service can be ordered by phone, e-mail, at the location or via our website. In connection with the first rental, a service contract is signed with the customer.

Service content

The service includes 12 rentals (22h, 200km) per contract period. Rentals can be used from the date of commencement of the contract. Rentals can be used separately or combined. If rentals are left unused, they will automatically be transferred to the next contract period. Rentals cannot be used after the contract period expires. Rentals can be used by the member or they can be transferred to a family member.

In addition, members are entitled to a 20% discount on all rental services and products (excluding already discounted or promotional products): additional rentals and home deliveries.

Riding gear for member drivers and passengers are always free of charge. Rentals must be booked through the rental company website or by e-mail.

The service is valid at both rental locations (Tampere and Helsinki).

Service validity

The service is valid for 12 months from the first day of the month of the beginning of the contract.

Termination of the service

The contract is valid indefinitely, unless otherwise agreed with the service provider, and will continue automatically after the first period (12 months), unless terminated by the member at least two weeks prior to the end of the current contract period, in writing or by e-mail.

Service charges

The charge for the service is 90 €/month incl. 24% VAT throughout the contract period (12 months, totaling € 1080). The monthly charge is invoiced once a month. The total annual price of the service can also be paid in one installment. The rental company has the right to refuse services to members in cases of unsettled invoice payments.

Additional services are paid separately at the rental location in connection with rentals. Service charges are reviewed on an annual basis.

Rental location contract terms will in addition be applied for rentals.